I hope you’ve all had a lovely time

It has taken me to now to read the article on page 3 of Saturday’s Guardian about George Michael .He was recently admitted into the AKH Hospital In Vienna after contracting the virulent streptococcus pneumoniae bacterium. He was very very poorly and thankfully ,he survived.I am moved by his story ,and genuinely happy for him .But , once again ,the ‘ why?’ question rears it’s ugly head and gnaws at my brain. Rosie really was very unlucky and cheated out of the life she deserved.

We had a lovely Christmas Day ,thanks to The Clarke’s. After taking champagne and nibbly bits to Grandmama’s ( who would not get out of bed ) on Christmas morning, we went onto Sarah,Richard,Michael,Georgina and Natalie’s for the most amazing Christmas dinner , fireworks, sparkers, pass the parcel ( made by an ex GSA Illustration student ), ‘who am I ?’- stickers on your head game ,and then the best and funniest game of Balderdash EVER. We left the table at around 1.30am. Jacob won .

Then on Boxing Day , after 9 months of not leaving Uplands , we persuaded Grandma to get into her wheelchair ,be loaded onto The St Ann’s School mini-bus and go to The Dulwich Woodhouse for lunch – result !

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