I jest not

When things don’t quite go the way we want them do , we head for the sea .
John and I to Fairlight
Jacob to Marseille
Florence to Cumbernauld .Which if you know your Scottish geography is 15 miles from salt water but not far from Fannyside Loch

5 Replies to “I jest not”

  1. Hi Rachel,

    Head to the sea, always a good call! What were you guys up to in Fairlight? Campervanning? Hopefully see you soon


  2. No , some friends are renting a place there .
    But , we did clean Emerald out last weekend and had coffee in her this afternoon – albeit in Coldershaw Road !
    Would love to see you soon xxxxx

  3. Haha the Emerald could be the new pop up coffee bar for northfields. I’m in Ealing at the moment for a few weeks before I move to another flat in south. Would be great to stop by for a coffee at some point x x

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