I know what I’m singing on the bus tonight

I love it when you find ( or are led to ) hidden parts of London ,that you didn’t know existed – and I’m not talking about the 4th floor toilets in Selfridges- although they were rather swanky and hard to get into (although not quite as confusing as the ones in The Tate Modern ). Today Lorna and I went on an official Olde Mayfair Walk. Shepherds Market is a lovely area – lots of nice looking cafes and beautiful churches and squares and architecture . We were told lots of interesting facts ,by Richard III – which I’ve instantly forgotton and then we then sauntered over to a beautiful shop ‘Things British’ in Kingly Court,Carnaby Street where Lorna’s pictures are sold .

Then remembered I am dining with Mary M tonight , so Phil,Kirstie and Gareth are on hold .

Then I opened my package and my S.B. CD has arrived

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