I know you have heard it before

This time 25 years it was lashing down in Ealing

I know this , as we were in Lammas Park , Rosie had stripped off to nothing and was running around like crazy , I couldn’t catch her ,she wouldn’t come back to me .Eventually Lorna caught her , dressed her , made her laugh and then we all went home

and then …..

in the middle of a finger painting around The Maynards kitchen table ( how right on were we ?) , I went into labour !

At 24minutes past 11 that night , my beautiful , adorable , kind, gentle ,creative little baby ,Florence was born .I love her so very very much .

Funnily enough I knew she would be a girl .

Mum and Dad had had boy ,girl ,girl . Richard and Lise had had boy, girl ,girl , and I didn’t know it at the time but Sarah and Kristian would go on to have boy ,girl , girl .

I cannee wait until next week when we will all be in Scotland and can celebrate together .

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