I lied about the stirring

Picture the scene.

11.30am Burnham Beeches car-park, by the pay-and-display machine ……..

I fumble with my two pound coins.

He fumbles with his two dog leads .

I drop one of my coins .

He drops Fido’s coat .

I look up

He looks up

Our eyes meet

I feel a stirring ( him not me )

He asks me if he could show me his Cha Cha Cha .

I rush back to Emerald ,climb in and get my choppers round my cheese,mango chutney and tomato baguette .

He waltzes off

…A brief encounter with Anton Du Beke

3 Replies to “I lied about the stirring”

  1. Actually I paso dobled ( not easy in walking boots holding a badly folded OS map ) – but i don’t think anyone noticed .

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