I like being up high

Third time lucky ! The first time the queues were too long.The second time the winds were too high, but yesterday everything was perfect – no queues , no winds and clear blue skies. For £3.20 it is a bargain .I loved the cable-car .The view, the height , the peace .I was hoping it would do a ‘Boris’ and we’d get stuck at the top for twenty minutes ( and someone would bring round martinis – but that was just a fantasy ), but it kept on going . It is open til 8pm , so we are going to do it again , next time ,after dark .. We then got the wonderful DLR , coffee’d and viewed The Olympic Park, which looked so sad after the event ,and set off the last part of our adventure ,for dinner with friends in Upper Holloway .It was a lovely Ottolenghi infused evening .Four games of cards , and I couldn’t possibly say who won three of them (me ).

Nearly four years on and I still have to keep occupied, busy ( although Grandma would always say I was like that as a child – always had to be doing something ,always with a friend , never on my own ), positive,happy,safe.I sometimes refer back to Paul Clabburn’s piece . His son,Tom, was at the same school as Rosie and died the year before her .After Tom’s very sudden death ,Paul wrote a brilliant piece for the BBC – I am especially drawn to his words at the end, “I’m not looking for closure, I’m looking for Tom to stay with me in a way that allows me to smile as well as mourn.”

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  1. When I was a girl,I lived in a road off Highgate Hill as it made its way down to Archway but our address was 36 Despard Road,Upper Holloway.When my mum and dad sold up about 15 years ago ,their address had changed to 36 Despard Road,Lower Highgate.I wished I had been in North london the day that the estate agents had pushed Despard road further up the Hill….

  2. Loved the area -you can get a lamb and aubergine kebab with couscous,spiced pitt and salad for £2.50. I bet it’s twice that price in Lower Highgate .

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