I LOATHE goodbyes , can’t really cope with them

You think that after a 35hour train journey from near the border of Kazakhstan to Beijing ,while sleeping on a top bunk in such a small space your nose touches the ceiling , a 90minute delay on the overnight Megabus from London to Glasgow ,wouldn’t be too bad .

But it is and and I feel sorry for my Florence being on a bus load of angry people .I told her to keep her head down and get stuck into the mixed nuts ..

Earlier today , Florence and I conquered the 4 peaks . Most people do the 3 in 24hours , we did the scaled down version ……… Northala Fields in 47minutes .

On our descent we had a frothy coffee in the cafe and I bumped into a couple of sibling students I used to teach . One of them was a fabulous actor and has just had his own show at the Edinburgh Fringe .

Got home and googled the review


Cian hopes to bring ‘The Misfit Analysis ‘ to Ealing . I hope he does

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