I love her laugh

This is the message I got from Bert. You’ve probably all sussed this already , cos when you do it the pictures fill the screen and look even more amazing ”saw your message in the blog….there is another way of viewing the pics….

1) Click on the Link…CYCLE KENYA…the usual way.
2) You will see the Gallery Screen…….a thumbnail of Brenda on the
left and a large picture of Brenda on the right. Move the cursor to
the top right hand corner of the large picture on the
right…..nothing happens (but bear with me). Now LEFT click once on
the thumbnail to reveal the other thumbnails.
3) Now move the cursor over the top right hand corner of the large
picture on the right again. This time there should be a small black
box with an arrow pointing to each corner.
4) Now LEFT click this black box.Your screen should go blank…but
wait 30 secs or so and DON’T press any keys or the mouse. This will
load and play a slideshow of the pics automatically in full screen in
a loop.
5) When you’re done, press “ESC” to return to the Gallery Screen.’

This is true for all the Galleries on Rosie’s site. I can’t think of a
reason why this wouldn’t work on your PC or laptop because te software
resides on the server. Give it a go and see what you think.”

This morning I did as I said and turned our calender page to November . Georgina made us a 2009 one , with a different photo of Rosie for every month. Then Florence and I put together our 2010 one.November’s photo is so powerful , which is weird because it’s the only photo where you can’t see Rosie’s face. She is with Ryan walking down the road towards us, so obviously laughing as her head is thrust forward with her hair covering her face.You can tell by her body language she is happily hysterical . anyone know who took it or what they are laughing at ?

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