I love lists

I love lists , in fact I love lists so much ,last night some friends and I went to an evening at Foyles Bookshop, called ‘I love Lists’ .It was run by the fabulous Jessindeedyand as well as eating and drinking and bonding with people at other tables, we wrote lists . We were obviously all advanced on the spectrum .Some lists were easy -10 habits to rid myself of .Some lists were singalongey-10 songs to make you happy .Some lists were tough -10 happiest moments of my life .But the one that everyone went crazy about was – 10 things other people do that annoy you ……top trumps were – sniffing, snoring ,gobbing, throwing litter etc etc but the one that sent everyone into a frenzy was ‘mobile-phone etiquette ‘- people talking really loudly on their phone right next to you ( esp on the tube ) , people that you meet for dinner or a drink and immediately put their phone down in front of them and answer every call and text without apologising ( different if they advance warn you – that they are expecting an urgent call or someones ill etc ) , as if you aren’t there- why don’t they just check their phone when they pop to the loo or something ? , people talking on their phone while being served in a shop, people who photograph their dinner …….It went on and on .

Then we all put our lists ( and phones) away and staggered home

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  1. hear hear -I find it really rude when people read and reply to their texts when you ar in the middle of eating ,drinking or chatting

  2. or people who ‘instagram’-I think that is the correct term-the ballet while watching it. Some friends bought me tickets for Swan Lake a couple of weeks ago (it was in Dubai’s ‘National Exhibition Centre’-so not the most lavish or intimate venue and definitely not right for a ballet!) and the couple in front of me chatted and photographed their way through it. Lovely. I hissed at them in my best teacher voice half way through and that stopped them. Hope you’re well, glad John came back safe and sound, with hard thighs. Gel xx

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