I love our seasons

Soft greens ,that’s what I saw today as I walked through The Chiltern countryside .We walked up hill , down dale ,crossed The River Chess twice, picnic’d in the lynchgate of Sarratt Church .By 2pm it had turned into soft greys ,and the discovery that my kagoul is not waterproof . I think I looked at the landscape a bit differently having seen David Hockneys paintings .They were fabulous .I loved ,loved,loved them … just like he loves the Yorkshire landscape – it just shines through his paintings.

If you can ,go see it . If you can’t , do a painting on your ipad. If you haven’t got an ipad , try an etch-a -sketch .They are just as good and an 81st of the price.( and very underated )

Dins out tonight avec Claire and Bob

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