I might have to avoid looking out the window

Priceless ‘One born every Minute tonight’. Nancy couldn’t find her chair and then one expectant father when asked by his partner , if he wanted to go with her for her caesarian , replied ” I don’t think I can bear seeing you being diced and sliced”…..what a charmer .

Took my year 7’s to The Wetlands Centre today and we held the biggest birds egg in the world . It was like an extra extra large rugby ball and the Elephant Bird from Mozambique laid it. I was well impressed , until I was told it was a replica ,and The Elephant Bird has been extinct for years ( and I was hoping to see it just behind the picnic area ).

On a course ‘Without Walls’ a la Tate Mod tomo..right next to The wibbly wobbly bridge, where not weeks before she died, Rosie told us was where she got her favourite view in London.

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