I never actually managed to head the ball, but i could dive through the hoop

But I would drive 500 miles
And I would drive 500 more
Just to be the mam who drove 1000 miles
To fall down at your door………….and then clean the kitchen .

Have just got back from our highland fling . We started off in Glasgow taking Flo to her huge, lovely flat – did you see the film ‘Shallow Grave’ ? It is a bit like the one in that only rougher round the edges – but in a fabulous buzzy area . Stayed the night in our Dutch, Citizen M Hotel ( perhaps to even it out ,when we stay with Jacob in Amsterdam ,we’ll stay in a Glaswegian one ).Then drove west to the coast and caught the ferry to The Isle of Arran .OMG I am in love with the place , it is stunningly beautiful and everyone was so friendly and helpful .We walked and walked and climbed up and down hills and cliffs,got lost in in forests and spent ages on the beach .We saw the highest waterfall I have ever seen in the UK-Glanashdale Falls -and for one lovely moment I closed my eyes and thought I was back in Yosemite with Jacob, Rosie and Florence .We saw seals , they basked and played and fought ,then one put on a show for us ,jumping out of the water and diving back in , all the way across the bay – I closed my eyes , this time we were all in Seaworld watching Shamu .We loved Shamu – he became our holiday mascot ( he went on to kill his trainer three years later , and so was de commissioned ! ) then i thought about how we used to take it in turns to be ‘Shamu- The Killer Whale ‘ in our pool ,and would head the ball ,while jumping in ! Such happy happy holidays . I won’t go on about the food, the hotel , the scrabble ( I won twice ), the distillery, the beers,the views , the scenery ,but I will mention the breakfast….porridge ,Arran style, with double-cream,brown sugar and local malt whiskey , followed by kippers and brown bread and butter ( all low cal ? ). It even stayed down for the crossing home

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  1. I’ve been to Arran – my friend has a cottage there so we went to stay, it rained solidly for 4 days! Really lovely place. We got the local bus around the island – not a success story!

  2. Where was the cottage ?
    We stayed in Lamlash .Our room overlooked Holy Island – not the Northumberland one , not unless you had a 360degree periscope !

  3. haha its pretty vague but if you go right down the coastal road in Brodick as you get off the ferry, towards the big mountain thing, it was about 10mins down there. It was by a pretty little beach/estuary

  4. Did i read that right? Whiskey laced porridge – sounds like you have discovered the best ever breakfast option! I’m going to try to replicate it tomorrow (also sans bran)

  5. As Katy now lives in Scotland she has been trying to get to like whisky-her dad says “only interesting women drink whiskey” Does that apply to porridge laced whiskey? ill have to give it a try because I hate whisky and therefore am not included in the “interesting women” group!!

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