I ran out at 6

We can’t ignore the big event today ,so here are my top ten tenuous links to Will & Kate :-

1. I’ve had dinner in Buck Palace . In around 1973, Jane’s dearest friend Steph, was going out with Sid, who was a chef at The Palace .One evening he cooked dinner for us, we ate in his room in the staff quarters ( they even have their own bar ) and then we sneaked down the back stairs and he showed us the royal kitchens.

2. Will and I were both delivered by Sir George Pinker at St.Mary’s Hosp – except I wasn’t in the private bit .

3.In around 1980 Declan and I went to stay with Dec’s lovely sister, Siobhan and her family in Anglesey .Her husband Chris was a fighter pilot at RAF Valley, where Will is based . He let Declan and I have a go in their multi million pound fighter jet simulator.Dec kept it in ‘the air’ for about 2 mins , but I crash landed it after 3 seconds, when the seat read my weight in order to adjust the ejector seat.

4. I work with someone with the surname Middleton.

5. I’ve run (??) for Rosie past Westminster Abbey.

6. When I worked in Chelmsley Hospital School in Brum and Princess Di was pregnant with their first child, we had a sweepstake as to the name. I opted for ‘William’ .Sadly,so did 3 others , so I only won £5.

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  1. I think I can add to your links:-
    7.My niece and her family live on Anglesey. They said they know someone who said they thought that they had seen Wills and Kate driving along. Mind you ,it was dark and raining and they had just come out of the pub-not Wills and Kate. Or my niece and her family,but the person who thought that they had seen them…..
    8.I am using a lot of Cath Kidston ‘London’ fabric at the moment and it has some pictures of Buckingham Palace on it. I can see it from where I am sitting now. Not the Palace but the fabric….
    9.I have eaten LOADS of jelly beans in my time and some of them may have had Kate’s face on them.Unfortunately,we will never know now….
    10. I,too,would have told Elton John that he had a great seat and then watch in delight as he was seated near the entrance,next to a hugh tree and saw nothing of the ceremony.I bet that’s why Wills and Harry went off to that private chapel to watch it all on the CCTV cameras.

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