I read this back and thought ‘bin it ‘ .But I didn’t

The photos of Rosie with Katie, Izzy P ( I think- distinctive ,beautiful hair ) and Florence are stunning .

Took my breath away .

Once again I return to Elizabeth Jenning’s quote

“…Time does not heal,
It makes a half-stitched scar
That can be broken and again you feel
Grief as total as in its first hour.

I stole myself to watch ‘Child of Mine’ – the excellent documentary which followed three grieving ( who consented to be filmed ) couples through their traumatic experience of giving birth to a still-born child and the subsequent grief . Different to mine , but grief is grief and grief of a child is the worst and I’m not trying to top-trump anyone here – it just is , and it’s hard and there are loads of right-on quotes …. the way you feel now is the ‘new-normal’ and all that truth/bollux stuff , but if you’ve never felt it and i hope you never do – it’s well and truly awful and all-consuming and tough and that’s just the dumbed down version .
I realise now I’m rambling ( that could be age ) , but life is good and you have to make it good and I’m grateful to my family for giving me joy , my special friends for keeping me sane , my students for making sure I dance and sing and get covered in paint everyday of my working life, for nature for grounding me , for crime series for keeping my brain distracted , for art for making me think , for Soupy for making me feel grateful , for Ottolenghis’ recipes which I try and cook up at least once a week …..plus tons of other stuff . Because if I close my mind to Brexit and Trump and Putin etc this world is a lovely place to be in .

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