I remember Jane buying it in Habitat

I know it looks beautiful .BUT when the snow scuppers your plans of a counselling session at The CBC and a walk in Rosie’s woods, and your head and heart are scrambled with grief and all you want is to be with her , talk about her and be away from everything, it’s not so wondrous.

But ,the good news is , Jacob got home safely and then this afternoon I even made myself laugh. I was putting up Jane’s little twig tree and decorating it with all her lovely ,tasteful baubles and beads when I found the lights neatly wrapped around a roll of newspaper .When we put them away on January 5th this year ,I had left myself a little note ”unroll here, if they’re if a muddle , blame Georgina** ,she put them away !”

** Of course they unravelled beautiful…plus they worked…plus I would never blame Georgina, she is a little star

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