I send her all the love in the world

Sorry for churning out all this cut and paste ,yet well -meaning stuff .

I think as the years go on , my loss for words increases and in certain situations , especially at this time of year , I could quite easily go and hide in a cave . So if I sound tired, boring and repetitive , I apologise .

Then I hear someone speak that touches a nerve . They say stuff I think , but in a much better , more expressive way .

This time it was on Monday’s ‘First Dates’ . You”ll be relieved to know it wasn’t Fred , but Charlie from Brum who was on a date with Tania ( I think ) .

Charlie’s Mum had taken her own life the previous year .

When talking to the interviewer about the person she would like to date , she said

”When something brutal like that happens ,you have to detach yourself and kind of let it settle in pieces, bit by bit .

I’m not asking for someone to fix me but I’m just asking for someone who understands that maybe the way I look at the world isn’t the same way as everybody else does”

I’ve found it to be a very special sort of person who can understand that .

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