I think he died of syphilis- The Tate didn’t mentioned that

I’ve come to the conclusion Gauguin was a dirty old man- loved some of his paintings though . My favourites were the landscapes he painted around Pont Aven in Brittany.His colours were vivid and beautiful .Once he moved to Tahiti , he painted more landscapes , which I thought looked identical to the French ones ! (I get the feeling he moved there for the mostly naked young women )

I guess I loved The Pont Aven ones as we went there – all of us …Jane ,Rosie, Grandma , 2 of Jane’s volunteers, John, Jacob,Florence and moi. It must have been around 1995 .We stayed in this most amazing farmhouse with a huge garden , everyone thought we were part of a ‘group home ‘- til I told them we were actually a family. We picnic’ d on the bank of the river in Pont Aven- it was lovely and happy and we were all so dam positive.

Dined a la Sarah and Richard’s pad last night and now I’m off to The Tricycle Theatre to see ‘Midsummer’ – a play with songs – all good for my scrambled brain.

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