I think I’ve told you this before

Does anyone listen to Confessions ,on Simon Mayo’s radio 2, Drivetime programme ? I love it ,especially the judgement of the collective .Well today’s story really reminded me of Rosie and the mystery of the missing party photos …….About 3 years ago , one Friday evening Richard and Sarah came to supper. John had promised Richard he’d be ‘The Official – I won’t leave anybody out-Photographer’ for Richards 50th Birthday party back in April ,and this particular night he was going to show R&S the photos. When John came to show them , they had all gone- poof , there was nothing of Richards do on the camera – no cake,no speeches ,no dancing, no Tim lifting Rosie up BUT interestingly there were 3 photos …all of Izzy P. in Rosie’s bedroom ! We were furious. Well Rosie rolled in at about 1am ,and when questioned about the deleted photos , instantly denied it .Then we showed her the 3 photos of Izzy, thus proving the she was the last one to use the camera , and Rosie confidently said ‘Oh Flo deleted them’- she didn’t !

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  1. When we were at Chelsea, Rosie used to take my camera, and take photos of me while I was working – of course I couldn’t hear the lens click, so I would have no idea until later on when I found my memory card full and my battery flat….

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