** I think thats the title

We were in room 14, Brigstock Manor ,just tucking into jerk chicken , peas and rice, a happy meal and a chicken sandwich from Boots – I think they call it fusion food in trendy circles….when Grandmama asked Jacob if he liked Pole dancing ? He replied doing it or watching it ? i don’t think you need to know how the rest of the conversation went.

Did you see ‘Young, Autistic and Stagestruck’**. I loved it . Spookily ( literally ) I am off to the Lyric hammersmith ,where it was filmed ,tonight , to see ‘Ghost stories’. Then tomo we are up with the lark and off to see the Duke of Northumberlands huge Treehouse and a wall that Hadrian built ( with NO help from ‘The Shed Channel’ or ‘Bricky mate’ )

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