I think they should ditch the red nose and get a new logo

Normally I hate those comic relief things with celebs getting down and dirty with the ‘poor people’ , while still courting the camera and trying to make themselves look cool and caring ( Billy Connolly springs to mind ).But on Thursday ,I was blown away by ‘ Comic Relief: Famous ,Rich and in The Slums’.Lenny Henry,Samantha Womack,Reggie Yates and Angela Rippon moved in with 4 families to experience their lives in Kibera , the slums on the edge of Nairobi,Kenya. I urge you to watch it .I’m not saying The Children of The Southend Academy live in such terrible conditions, but you can see how hard it is for these kids as orphans , to be left with virtually nothing , and then left to fend for themselves.They all have a right to be educated and given food, warmth, security and shelter and they must always feel they have a voice. Everyone deserves a voice.

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