I think they should tweak it and bring it back

Did you used to watch ‘Changing Rooms ‘ ? We loved it and even applied to go on it – our bedroom versus our friend’s ,who lived down our street, sitting room . We sent off our photos and was amazed when ITV phoned us , especially as our friends insisted the photo was taken with us on the bed ,and we thought the TV company would dismiss us as a bunch of swingers ( but maybe hold onto our photos for a Channel Four documentary later in the year ). We then had telephone interviews and then…our friends sold their flat .So that was the end of that . Laurence never did get the opportunity to put his Roccoco style influence on my pelmets using nothing but his staple-gun. Anyway I digress. The reason I mention C.R. was yesterday around 6pm in our house ,it was like the last five minutes of an episode of that programme-manic. John has finished painting , I had finished cleaning but all the furniture/ kitchen equipment /downstairs shelf-stuff /CDs /books, curtains to be hung , beds made up etc etc had to be moved /sorted/attached for the arrival of our new Japanese student,Shizuku.We did it with seconds to spare .I was pooped last night , so expaining the workings of the Oyster card /tube system wasn’t as thoroughly and aticularly done as it should have been .Hope she makes to Gloucester Road and not Stowe on the Wold .

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