I tried ‘Rabbit Hole’ and that annoyed me , so i won’t bother with TCIT

A big fat well done to Darren, Izzy P ,Stu ,Neelam ,Bethany ,Sara and Gill H.and everyone else who ran today’s Ealing Half-Marathon .

It was scorching and lovely and one of the hi-lights was when a group of Octogenarian ramblers ,complete with walking-poles and rucksacks ,walked straight down the middle of the track, oblivious of what was going on around them ! ( That’ll be me in a couple of years time )

Something not to watch tonight ,The Guardian’s No. 2 ,Don’t Miss TV programmes ‘The Child in Time’…..’
‘Kelly Macdonald and Benedict Cumberbatch in this necessarily narrowing adaption of Ian McEwan’s novel exploring the shattering impact of losing a child. Not comfortable Sunday night viewing, but still essential ”

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