I was so taken with rosie’s ipod I wore it on the bus home

Answers….a) yes did it did shuffle songs I knew , and a couple I didn’t. There was one really tough section (when the drilling was at its loudest and the volume up full – which proved difficuilt when the dentist said ‘bite together ‘ and i didn’t hear her . But ,together we developed some sensory signs, ie-she tapped my chin and I closed my mouth ) when Dance Dance Dance by Lykke Lye followed by Make me a channel of your peace sung by Sinead O’Connor, followed by a Kings of leon songcame on . However the spell was broken by David and Patrick ,in The Broadways belting out Gracie Fields ! b) I couldn’t hold back the tears in that section, but no one noticed as The dental nurse kept missing my mouth with the spray – so my face was pretty wet anyway. c) we all had a loo break half way through.

I sandwiched my morning of medical intervention between 2 musical treats ( no not The Broadways or Belgrade ) . Last night we saw the fabulous Amy Macdonald at the Shepherds Bush Empire, then tonight we’re going highbrow – Legally blonde !

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  1. Blimey–what have you had DONE to your teeth???I’ve got visions now of that baddie in a James Bond film with a mouthful of metal. Hope there’s no big magnets hovering above in any of those theatre dates that you’re on,you could be up and away…

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