I was useless at Trivs 30years ago…and have just found out, I stiill am

Sally , I remember when Trivial pursuits came out in 1982. Jane was desperate to get the game . I came home from Brum for a weekend and in her little orange mini we scoured all the shops to get that iconic blue box …but they were all sold out . Driving home to 53 we passed this run down old toyshop in Crystal Palace, Jane insisted I pulled up on the double yellows ( with her blue badge she got me doing alllsorts ) and go in . They had one game left .She bought it for ,I think ,for £29 ( loads then ). We never stopped playing it . The best ever game was on a Christmas Day around 1998. We played it with Auntie Emmie ( Mother’s Step Mother ) who was in her late 90’s and had mild, but happy, dementia. She insisted on her turn to answer the question from 2 rounds before . We were hysterical . We all loved Emmie at present giving time ,as she would come with an old carrier bag containing a few used items she’d picked up from around her flat ,then wait til she was given a gift , unwrap it , then use the paper to wrap an object from her carrier bag, to give it to someone else ….more hysterics. The children loved her.

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  1. Haha, i can just imagine Jane not giving up until you two had found it! We were all damn competitive when playing too – there were some hilarious scraps at our place at Blenheim Park Rd, not to forget the rather large number of bottles of baileys that were drunk ( such superb taste – can’t really believe that part).
    Auntie Emmie sounds like she was an asset at any party, Christmas day or otherwise.

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