I will sing for her on the cliffs between Margate and Ramsgate

I was just going to tippy type on my blog that I have a proud mother moment take 2 as Florence has some beautiful hand-made chairs in an exhibition in Glasgow.

I was getting in a pickles as I couldn’t find the website on tinternet /I am running late as I’m just off on my first day of the holidays annual cliff walk and night in a pub / the 3 lovely Italian boys wanted to talk ( about the 2 Russians – but that’s another story ) / I haven’t made my packed lunch ………. and then I switched onto Rosie’s website and then the world stopped …

I know I say it every month , but aren’t they the most beautiful photos , and against the yellow- sublime ?

The first was taken in a shopping mall , just north of San Clemente ,California , almost exactly 10 years ago …she is wearing THAT ( my ) top again .

The second was in Tenby – or on a Pembrokeshire Coastal path walk

and the third was an official Oaklands School photo- it may even be a fake tree .

I bloody love her and want her , want her ,want her .

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