I wish I was back in Caunes Minervois

Managed to do a whole load of frolicking and absolutely no throwing – never even went near the wheel .

I’ve come back in love with so much stuff ..

mainly Russell the dog


The Languedoc

The L’argent Double ,which is the river that runs through Rowenas land and has it’s own waterfall – John ( gooseberry ) ,Russell and I walked for miles in that river .

Set prix dinners – 4 courses and a glass of rose for 15euros

The family beach at la Franqui

The teepee of love

Avon’s ‘Skin so soft’ ( smells like granny’s knicker drawer ‘ but keeps the mossies of your watermelon )

the wine , the chocolate ,the cheese the pastries , the bleeding obvious etc etc

West Ealing just isn’t doing it for me – didn’t help that my 4 fat-balls were still intact- not one bird had come near them and there was a stiff dead frog covered in flies in the middle of my lawn

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