I wrote paragraph one on Thursday and so it sortof doesn’t make sense.

I’m glad Julia and Lorna are glued to the set ,but last night – us Dwyers went to serious lengths to avoid being drawn to CCT. Florence went to see Thomas Shickle’s band ,Spector, play at Nice n Sleazy’s Club in Glasgow ( Happy …esp as the band was fab and White Russians were only £2 ). Jacob went to a philosophy lecture ( drastic ).I went to Carluccios for supper and then to see ‘Girls Down Under’ ( indulgent )wth my pal Jane and John stayed in played with his Acer ( sad ).

Tonight I’m going to see ‘You’re a good man Charlie Brown ‘ ( no connection with Geoffrey or Joan ) with a different Jane . But coming home after a couple of sherberts ,I can’t guarantee I won’t press that ‘Channel 4 view again’button . That dreadful John McCririck and The Long Suffering Booby’s on it now

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