I’d love Lydia’s job

This week has been a bit manic …after last weeks story of the fire-alarm/the semi-naked people in the playground and the aborted casting ( pottery classes- I haven’t joined Equity ).This week it was the case of ‘the student who got wedged in the sink’ . For legal reasons I won’t go into details …but rest assured, it only took 55mins and 9 bath towels to clear up the water .

So I put aside today to catch-up with all my paper bits ( I hate paperwork ,makes my brain go jangly )…and what did I really end up doing ..watching the brilliant ‘Undateables’. Terrible title,great programme. Sally Philips does the commentary and she has a daughter with Down’s Syndrome, so that sort-of says it is OK. I love Ray , and his answer to ‘what type of lady would you like to date ?’…..’someone like Madonna’- that should be easy then .His dates were fabulous . But of course I was drawn to Sam .She was born with Achondraplasia and was into sky-diving, snowboarding and other extreme sports . The issue of ‘staring’ , came up , and I was glad to see her friend give some starers a bit of a mouthful. Watch it ,it’s good .I just wish they’d give you the follow-up of what went on the week before .

Now back to that envelope with Nat West written on it.

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  1. i got stuck in a sink once .We were in a French campsite and I’d waded my clothes in a big sink. I took the clothes out and put them in a bucket and before I rinsed them ,I climbed onto the edge of the sink to put my feet in and was them .But,i slipped ,my bum went in and I couldn’t get out ! A poor old German woman tried to get me out , but in the end she had to get her husband . I was laughing so much I was scared I’d wet myself .But it didn’t really matter as no-one could tell !

  2. I know ,Ray is fab ( especially in his shorts with his Stevie Wonder shades on ). I thought he made the right decision not to go back to Lolita – she only wanted him , cos he was dating someone else …It was a shame about his cheese and marmite sandwiches – so many of them as well !

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