If plums aren’t in it ,what is ?

Stu – 2 quotes from that reliable website ‘Chortle’ …

“Fresh Meat is set to be adapted for the big screen, co-creator Sam Bain says.

A third series of Fresh Meat will air later this year, while there are also plans for a spin-off about female students after they graduate.”

But what Josie , she transferred to Southampton to to dentistry ( their gain, Manchester’s loss ) ?

Andrea , sorry we didn’t hook up but it was a whistle-stop twenty six hours in Lincoln . We packed loads in – Jacob’s film . the galleries , sundowners on Brayford Pool , dinner ,pub ,dominoes ,huge full English , Cathedral , Steep bloody Hill ( about 10 times ), plum bread and Wensleydale cheese and was about to leave when we were held up by ( new best friend? ) Ed Miliband . There are to be local elections in Lincoln so he was talking to the masses ( about 50 us ), of which about 49 of whom worked for Lincoln Ambulance Service – so I pity anyone that needed a speedy blue-light vehicle.They had no chance . I won’t get all political – I’ll just say , he was better looking and nicer spoken than he is on TV and was wearing jeans and a navy blue waterproof coat ( extra political points for not wearing clothes that clash ) . He smooooozed the audience by remembering peoples names and giving them claps and metaphorical pats on the back .He answered the questions a la textbook but didn’t say anything radical or inspirational .Did I like him ? Yes .Is he a suitable candidate for Britain’s next PM ? No.

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