If you are having doubts………

For all those at or about to embark on indepth (?) studies at university , I would like to give you some wise words from Grandmama.

To put you in the picture- Lorna and I went to visit Grandma at Uplands today . She was feeling a bit under the weather, as was Lorna by the end of the visit .She cheered up when we started talking about the past and all her old friends. Grandma was telling us about how ,in 1980 her and Geoffrey were invited down to Devon , for a week to stay with their friends, Bobs and Peter. She told us she felt guilty about accepting as it was the week of my graduation in Sheffield. So she asked her wise friend Shirley-Ann what she should do. To which Shirley-Ann replied ,and I quote ”university- it’s only a load of crap anyway”. So with that buzzing in her ears , she set off for Devon !

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