if you go down to the woods ….

Yesterday ,John and I saw our counsellor at the Child Bereavement Charity .We haven’t seen her since February- so much to say .We then walked in Rosie’s Woods .The colour at this time of year is spectacular. It continues to be a source of joy and reassurance ,being in beautiful places .I cannot explain why, it just does .

So to continue the theme , today ,Mandy and I walked in Richmond Park .We did our usual route – coffee in Pembroke Lodge- Isabella Plantation- Pen Ponds- coffee in Pembroke Lodge. But at Pen Ponds we stopped in our tracks ,there was a new structure, a green shed right by the pond and as luck would have it ,there was a bench outside .The shed was the same colour as John’s , so I took photos to show him and then we went inside – there were chairs,a table ,crockery etc .Took more photo’s ( for inspiration) ,sat on the bench and ate our picnic .Then along comes Terry .We get chatting .He asks to take our photos , we check he’s not going to put them on the next edition of ‘Big and Bouncy’ and we ask about the shed .Turns out he’s The Shed Security Guard and tomorrow SKY1 are going to start filming the next edition of ‘Starlings’ , featuring the guy from Downton Abbey and a woman who was in ‘American werewolf in London’ . We tell Terry he’s not a very good security guard ,as we’ve been in , rifled round and taken photos. Terry doesn’t seem bothered and shows us his wildlife photos on his iphone . Terry then photoshops the photo of Mandy and I so that we now look like Catherine Zeta Jones ( me ) and Michael Douglas ( her ) .Terry emails me said photo .So Jacob, this is a roundabout way to tell you that your screen-saver has been replaced by a future blockbuster.

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  1. Are you and Mandy still clipping around in your stilettos,leather mini skirts and clutch bags?Getting a bit cold this time of year isn’t it? Did Terry have a uniform on? I know what you are like,show you a brass button……Bet The Shed isn’t in Richmond Park tomorrow…..or was it ever?(Do you mean ‘Matthew’ from Downton Abbey,he does have a lot of land to inspect now,pity he can’t stop chewing that wasp).

  2. I checked .You are not in ‘Shed Weekly’ either.
    ‘I’m a Celebrity MP in the jungle’ starts tomorrow. It’s a Sunday .so I’ll be thinking of you and Rosie,as always .Giving you a big hug x

  3. Oh Lorna, you’ve put me off Matthew a bit . Before you said that I thought he was quite gorgeous .It’s Bates who annoys me , even though he’s out of prison ,he’s still frowning .Put him back in,I say .

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