If you happen to be in Paris ……

Very proud to read this in Wallpaper

Very grateful to be taken on The Watercress Line for a birthday treat – you can’t beat a steam-train, a picnic and a river walk .

Very moved to read the review of Nick Cave’s film ‘One more time with feeling’.
A film that ,at first, the film seemed a straightforward account of the creation of his new album ‘Skeleton Tree’, but then turned increasingly into a direct relation of what his family has suffered since the devastatingly tragic death of his 15year old son ,Arthur , who died falling from a cliff near their home in Brighton ,last summer.
The one thing that Nick Cave said which rang so true was ‘people offer a greeting card-size platitude,he lives on in my heart-he is in my heart but he doesn’t live at all’
I feel his pain just reading that

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