I’ll raise you 2 diamonds….

It has been lovely having Florence and Simon home , but tonight at 23.45 she turns into a Megabus Nightrider to Glasgow ( nothing to do with the TV show ) . So to keep her fuelled up after 2 days at Carnival ,I made some cherry and sultana flapjacks . I made a double batch so I could take them over the road to my kind neighbours -Bunzi,Rai,Piara and Toto .I know , a bloody miracle , I got to know their names .

So about an hour ago I took my oozing ( too much syrup or butter ?) flapjacks over to their house . Bunzi was thrilled and she invited me in …and then gave me a home made Madeira cake, some Gujarati mix, a huge bag of chilli and lemon wedges and a bowl of fuli-gathiya.

Now where did I put that fatted calf ?

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