I’m continuing with my summer holiday plan- doing nice stuff with kind people- Watts Gallery yesterday, Walberswick today.

Don’t you just love Jacob’s fleece ?(I bet not half as much as he did . )

I think that photo was taken about this time of year in around 1998 on one of the days it didn’t rain ,when we were Keycamping in The Dordogne .I seem to remember ‘Mr Hankey, the Christmas Poo’ featured rather heavily that holiday .

I’m pretty sure Rosie bought that grey maxi skirt in Copenhagen , when Lise showed enormous patience when taking her shopping .Rosie was VERY picky and took ages to decide on anything .We clashed a lot when shopping – maybe one of the reasons I loathe it now..

The second shot is on the best piece of equipment ever-Grandma’s garden swing .Richard,Jane and I have had many a fight on that.

The third is on our kitchen table , with her art ,her camera and her diet coke- I’m guessing Florence took it .

All beautiful ,happy memories- thanks Darren, lovely choices .

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