I’m heading for the trees.

Time to leave the house and go walking in the country…the washing machine has gone from being able to do a short wash, leave 5mins , making sure no-one opens the door ( chance ‘ll be a fine thing ), put on a spin and cross your fingers . open door and hang up half washed and half spun clothes ..to ..NOTHING .The oven and grill cannot be turned on at all ( new cooker comes on Sunday after 4 weeks of boiled,stir fried and microwaved food ) and this morning the downstairs lights tripped and banged 3 times but it didn’t stop me from re-setting the fuse and crossing my fingers….so until little Johnnie puts on his electricians hat ,there are no downstairs lights for us ! In the grand scheme of things, it’s nothing -they’re just things- but it doesn’t half conspire to get you down.

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