I’m joking about the gene

Today I was sent for an x-ray. The doc looked at it , she called in a senior doc , he looked and it and called in big chief doc and they pondered …. they I stood up and looked at the screen and saw it … an extra toe ! In between my big and next toe there is a big pointy bit of bone – it doesn’t give me any grief and I’m pretty sure it’s linked to the highly intelligence/beauty ,gene, so they are going to leave well alone .Unlike the bloody big bursa on my heel ,which despite having a big needle stuck in it , continues to give me lots of grief. So Sports- Injury -Doc ‘ ( I love that title and waiting outside her room ) suggests I see an aggressive physio .Bit harsh I thought ,as long as he doesn’t shout at me ,I’ll run with it.

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  1. Just read an article about polydactyly. You are in good company…Kate Hudson, Halle Berry, Oprah Winfrey, Marilyn Monroe and even Jesus are all said to be past and present members of the six toe clan!

  2. Just looked at Wikipedia – big toe or great toe, long toe, middle toe, ring toe and little toe, pinky toe or baby toe! So what name would you give to your sixth toe??Jesus with six toes? Where’s that come from …!?

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