I’m just going to drape myself over it

Oh Ian , thank you for your lovely invite and your top-lemon curd-tip. Yes we shall come and stay in Sheffield ( I love that city ,and your family and The Peaks and the people and the pubs and the hills and uncle Sams burgers and the Nursery Taverns roast pork and cracking butties etc etc ). My lemon curd came courtesy of a friend who was given it by a pupil in her class. it was either me or the school tombola ……and that wouldn’t have been fair on a year 2 kid !

I’ve always wanted one ,now at the age of 52 I’ve got one – a Chaise Longue . It is beautiful .Hand-made, bespoke, original, Scandinavian in style and in my favourite colours , those of the sea and sky, blue and white.It takes pride of place next to Rosie’s portrait .And best of all ,Florence made it.

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