I’m not really going to have one

I thought I’d been lifted up and plonked in on a hillside in New England in The Fall ( not that I’ve ever been there , but like you, I’ve seen the pictures ) .Winkworth Arboretum was stunningly beautiful. Like true artistes ( ?) ,obsessed with capturing beauty , shape and form , we forgot to take our cameras – but we didn’t forget the picnic , flask ,wetwipes etc- now that would have been a tragedy ( I defy anyone not to read that word to raise both hands to their head and burst into song).

You know I’ve always said that out of bad stuff , good stuff has to happen ….otherwise whats the point ? Well in the paper today I read this quote which struck quite a chord .It’s from a band called Bluezeum -”If life is full of crumbs make an appetiser and if life is full of shit , make fertiliser.” Now thats what I’m going to have on my tattoo.

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