I’m off to buy Sally Butcher’s book

Lovely photos Darren ..thanks
the first one is Rosie lying on her bed ,in THAT Waitrose uniform .
The second is ( I think ) when she went to New York with Drayton Manor, and funnily enough , the blog one of the two of us is in Strawberry Fields ,Central Park NYC

Thanks also to Holly, Nikki ,Stu and Adam for introducing us to a little bit of Persia in Peckham at ‘Persepholis’ . That halloumi in sesame seeds and honey was one of the best starters I have ever had . Also for pre-drinks in Spoons . A bottle of Prosecco for £ 10.49 when down the road ,we once had a pint and it was over seven quid !

And Adam- the journey back was a dream – except for the bit where we ran for the E8 bus and it pulled out just as we got there -leaving my dignity and the ability to breathe in tatters .

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  1. I rest my case – buses are a dam liability !
    My cook book arrived today – very good ,but not enough pictures .. aways like to see what the food is meant to look like

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