I’m on the mend

I’m on the mend

At the moment though, I have a left thigh that matches Roberto Carlos (Brazilian footballer)

I must be a bit more careful! It all happened while attempting to turn right off the Uxbridge Road .I approached the maneuver a little too fast, with my right arm signaling I tried to brake with the left, turning at the same time, all far too ambitious for someone with my cycling skills.

With Rach as my nurse I’m sure I’ll be back on the bike in no time. She’s just headed off to see her mum, giving me supplies of Ibuprofen and Paracetamol. Her parting words were “you can overdose on Paracetamol.” Was that a caution or instruction??

Take Care ( I will in future)


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  1. O John-how awful! Even Sir Chris Hoy wouldn’t have attempted that right hand turn at full speed. He’s got 2 massive thighs,I think he has to have his jeans handmade.Don’t worry if you develop a mottled- small circular- green- look on your leg—that will be the dye of the frozen peas pack (we got caught out on that once).Speedy recovery to you and chocolate in large quantities always helps.

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