I’m scared about driving in the snow.

These have been 3 days to remember . a real celebration of Rosie, her friends/family/creativity/love of Chelsea/warmth/humour/snakebites/cheese/sitting in a circle on the floor /laughter/tears/photos /jumping shots/etc etc. a huge thank you to EVERYONE who came to share and celebrate my wonderful daughter ( and yes i do know, she was no saint , but pretty dam close to being a perfect lovely, genuine, happy ,caring, funny, scatty,warm person ). I spent the last 3 days in The Triangle Space at Chelsea , all bar 10-12 this morning and 4-6 this afternoon , when I took Grandmama to and from Brigstock/Chelsea…..Chelsea/Brigstock. It was in my afternoons absence that Charles Saatchi turned up to see Rosie’s exhibition. I invited him ages ago , and he said he’d come and he did , we are thrilled , the more people who can celebrate Rosie the better.

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  1. i am an incredibly gulible person but did saatchi really turn up? Rosie did win that young artist prize…
    i wish so so much i could’ve come on the last day and whilst at work couldnt stop thinking about me regretting not going. i heard it was great day! I loved the exhibition when i was there and this whole week i really have felt like she was with us. Thank you so so much for letting me contribute to ‘We Cluster and We Stick’ and if there’s any plans for second I would definitely want to do it all again.

  2. What wiki says about Charles Saatchi..
    He is a notorious recluse, even hiding from clients when they visited his agency’s offices,[2] and, as of February 2009, has only ever granted two newspaper interviews.[2][6] He does not attend to his own openings either. When asked why by the Sunday Telegraph, he replied: “I don’t go to other people’s openings, so I extend the same courtesy to my own.”[6]

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