I’m still blushing

I’m back ,I survived am not too traumatised and to keep you just outside the loop ,the evening didn’t involve any wool , windows or loose women ( or bondage ).But there was one of Jacob’s friends mothers, one of my friends male neighbours and someone who remembers you, Lorna – from Sam’s keep fit class, there

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  1. Oh Stu ,Pauline ( a clue ? ) remembered your Mum too, from Sams keep-fit classes.
    I’m just off to practice my new learned skills on Grandma and the rest of Uplands – which means it isn’t line dancing

  2. Pauline doesn’t ring a bell but remember Sam giving me a sort of detention after a class because I kept going off to drink water during a weird skippy section! He was a laugh though!
    No idea where you went, Rachel!!

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