I’m talking about JR …again

You’ll be pleased to know Paula resisted the temptation and kept her pants on. Mind you , it would have been cruel to see Tom Jones sweat anymore ! Two questions-a) why did he wear that stupid wool jacket and b) where was Delilah when we needed her ? , I felt shortchanged he didn’t belt it out .

A big discussion point in The Dwyer household this week , is who will JR have on as his final musical guest ? I thought I’d clinched it with my suggestion of David Bowie, as he’s the only artist JR plays on his Sat morn prog. every week. So Roxy Music are a huge disappointment- unless of course you’re carol Hart and went to Sheffield Poly 1976-79 . My top 4 would have been Brucie Springsteen ( no chance ) , kings of Leon ( even less chance ) or The Killers or Neil diamond who were both previously on , sang about 3 songs , went into the audience and were utterly , jawdroppingly amazing. This morning JR played ‘Absolute beginners’ by David Bowie- what a beautiful song .I’m about to print off the lyrics and that will be my song of choice to Rosie during the 10K tomo – that’s if Mandy lets me get it in between her rendition of ‘Windmills of my Mind’.

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