I’m very proud

Through Florence and Jacob I have been to 2 very special and very different evenings .On Tuesday I went to Florence’s employer, Kate’s ‘Bring your Mother to work ‘ evening .It was lovely and sociable and on a barge moored on The Thames near Hampton Court . There was food and drink and chat and photos – it was happy and positive .You can look at Kate’s work on www.katemccgwire.com .She makes such beautiful stuff

Then last night, straight from work Florence and I went to ‘will happiness find me? ‘. I sat through Jacob’s film one and a half times .I loved it and with everyone who came in and watched it, I resisted saying ‘my son made that’. Holly and Stu came to , then we went over to Peckham’s ‘Bar Story ‘ for classy cocks ( Rosie’s name for them , not mine ),Happy Hour .Unfortunately we missed our second HHCC by 1 minute ( they are very strict south of the river ) ,so had to go on to beer and wine and nachos.

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  1. you are such a creative family .I’ve looked at Rosie’s work on her website page , she was so talented.
    Could Jacob make a film of his wall ?

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