In my top-ten-list of beautiful walks

While John cycles from St Malo to Dieppe- today it is Vire to Lisieux , I have done the South Coat Walk- Portsmouth to Deal , a total of 128 miles, in just 30 hours .

I only missed out the 124 miles from Southsea to Dover ( after I dropped John off at the ferry terminal ,drove home,slept and then got the Saturday morning tube to St Pancras, and the train to Dover.) I then resumed the walk over the White Cliffs to Deal .It was a spectacular finish ..we ran to the station ( toilets ) and then did a round each of ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane, ‘You’re so Vain’ and ‘Windmills of you Mind ‘ .It cleared the platform and ensured us the best seat on the train. Then it chugged off andwe fell asleep .
After saying good-bye to my friend and trudging up Coldershaw Road Road and not looking forward to a night on my own ( never have been a fan of my own company-less so now ) , I bumped into a lovely neighbour .He invited me in and 3 large gin and tonics and the mashed-up crisps from the bottom of my rucksack , later , I made it home , all weedy and ready to point my toes.( and not caring who was or wasn’t in the house )

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