It breaks my heart to see someone having to endure such great pain

This morning I had coffee with my the Mother of Marc ,who went missing in February and was found lifeless in March . She is a lovely ,passionate , sad and communicative woman .I think she is still in shock – I’m not talking behind her back ,because five years plus,on, and I am definitely still in shock.We talked about that . She said some profound things and she made me think of my relationship with Rosie .I loved Rosie and she loved me ,and we both knew that .That last touch ,that last kiss ,that last hug was part of our physical relationship .Now I have a spiritual relationship with her .I talk to her ,I sing to her ,I write to her everyday before I go to bed . She is part of me .I so wish I could wave a magic wand or turn the clocks back ,but I can’t , so all I can do is keep talking ,singing ,writing ,so that her memory never ever fades.I cannot bear the thought of that

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  1. Rosie’s memory is so strong in so many people’s minds – I talk about her all the time and people who didn’t even know her that well will share their memories of her, 5+ years on. We loved and love her xxx

  2. Dear Georgina ,Thank-you for writing that. You two came out of the womb loving each other .Maybe it was because your mother and I loved each other , who knows ? I am so glad you talk about her and tell other people about her – to me it so important to say her name .Oddly enough I now seem to more new people who say Rosie’s name ,than some people I thought of as friends who knew her for 19 years . I think my generation have a lot to learn from your generation . I think Rosie’s friends are fantastic.

  3. I hope this doesn’t sound weird…

    I have never met Rosie, we have friends in common (tenuous link, friend of a friend of a friend so I won’t try and explain) and when she died, one of my friends at uni heard the awfully sad news and asked if I knew her as she knew we were both from Ealing.

    I just wanted you to know that I read your blog. I find it incredibly sad, moving, beautiful and eloquently written. If you want to keep Rosie’s memory, spirit and personality alive, I really think that you do. Even for people who have never met her.

    It is also the first thing that has made me really think about, and in a small way understand, what my uncle went and is going through since loosing his son, aged 2, to cancer.

  4. Thank you so much for writing that .I am so touched by your words .
    I worry it’s a bit me ,me ,me and I don’t like that ,but I can’t seem to get round it , because as you know it is about Rosie .But it is also about love and life and crap TV and everything else that matters , which includes you taking the time to write your words .I cannot tell you how much they mean to me .
    I have to admit i am very curious , so if could email me and tell me the tenuous link ,I would love to know.
    Sending you love over this fabulous sunny,time for drinks in the garden, weekend !

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