It had to be done before the hosepipe ban

It was as if Dave himself was in our garden ,filming another episode of ‘Frozen Planet’. Yesterday afternoon,Jacob cleaned out the pond .Sadly no sign of ‘Tiny’ ,my newt, but one obese goldfish ( suspiciously Tiny shaped ) and over forty gorgeous frogs .I love them .He rescued them from about 3inches of silt ,put them in buckets of shallow water and I gave them a hose down while he scrubbed,pruned and power-showered the pond .Every time one tried to make a bid for freedom ,by climbing to the top of the bucket , Flo knocked it back with her elbow-crutch . What a team .

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  1. I know , we talked about him loads and said why didn’t we do this when you were all here .Thor would have LOVED it .
    I have just been down the side passage way and found one stray frog sitting on the concrete.It hid behind all the junk down there and I just couldn’t get to him – hope he makes it back to his 39+ mates !
    Adam – never fear ,I think some of this might have been in Danish ( I’m fluent )

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