It hangs on our landing

‘That picture’

You will never know how much hassle that picture gave me .The one that Rosie is sat in front of . She painted it for her Art A’level .It was a 10 hour piece . When it was finished , it came home . It sat in our back garden .It got wet .It warped . Then about 5 weeks after taking residence against our fence , she phoned me at work .She was in a state and a panic and told me we ( she ) have a problem .The external adjudicators were in her school and they need to see her piece . Apparently her art teacher had said she could only bring it home if she was prepared to bring it back to school at short notice – she’d failed to tell me this .

So suddenly her problem ( she was out , not even at home when the school had rung her ) became my problem . I ran to my Head-teacher and asked if I could borrow a school mini-bus ( the picture was too big to fit in the car ) .I waited til my students had left , jumped in the van and drove home . The picture was so heavy I asked my next door neighbour to help me lift the dam thing into the van .I then drove it to Drayton Manor High School , and asked for more help to get it out .It was about 82degrees outside and I was in a lather , but the deed was done , the adjudicator. could adjudicate !

When she got home , I told her what I had done and to this day ,I don’t think she’ll ever know what I had gone through .

I’d give my soul to do it again tomorrow

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