It is not rocket science

This is a bit of cheese ( not literally ) …sounds American .Some makes perfect sense , some is a load of b****x

10 surefire ways to achieve unhappiness

1.Complain ( harp on about bad things, while ignoring the good )

2. Avoid your problems ( eat, sleep, work, procrastinate, go on the re-bound….anything to avoid the issue )

3. Compare yourself with others

4. Worry about things that have not happened yet.

5. Let your problems overwhelm you ( instead of handling them in a grounded manner )

6. Do things you don’t love

7. Stay on in relationships that no longer serve you

8. Try to change others ( instead of working on yourself )

9.Try to please others ( …and pleasing no-one in return )

10. Attach yourself to goals/outcomes/statuses/things /people (and let your emotions be tied to them )

My version …

1. Complaining …only makes you feel miserable and gets you no-where,especially if it’s to Ryanair

2. Sounds great in theory

3. I’m guilty of this , makes me feel a complete failure.I’m doing my damnedest to stop

4. I often refer back to my Mindfullness training ” Thoughts are not facts , thoughts are not facts ”…It DOES help .

5. See 4.

6. Some times you do have to do things you don’t love ( like listening to people trying to sing Disney’s ‘Let it Go’ ) , just do it with good grace.

7. Avoid mood-hoovers.

8. Too hard , grin and bear it/them.

9. You should always try to please others .If you make others happy ,it makes you happy.

10. Do nice things with kind people

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