It is so very hard to put into words

I know I am not going mad and I know I have very reason to feel the way I do , when I read the theatre critic ,Jane Edwardes , talk about the content of a play as being ‘an unbearable subject’ .

The play she is referring to is ‘Rabbit Hole ‘, the subject being the death of a child and the subsequent hole the parents have fallen down.The hole is a deep and full of grief and it is certainly not a wonderland. Everyone feels guilty, everyone says the wrong thing, pain is etched on parents faces .They get it right , they get it wrong .

I’ve seen the film , can’t be doing with the play , but for me it is just a little bit thought-affirming, that Rosie’s death is unbearable and so I am not going crazy when everything else around me is sort of bearable but a different sort of bearable.

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